Between the Stars

Created by Isolated Games

Between the Stars is a Non-Linear Space Faring Roguelike ARPG with a heavy focus on events and player choice.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

OST keys sent and Between the Stars available now on Steam
4 months ago – Wed, May 29, 2019 at 02:10:34 AM

Today, 28th of May, we've launched the Early Access version of Between the Stars. In it you can find four of the six main story chapters, as well as over one hundred secondary events.

During our Early Access period we will work to implement content, as well as polish that which is already there, as well as work towards the Kickstarter rewards. Among the new characteristics we want to add you will find:

  • Two new chapters to the main story.
  • More secondary events.
  • Controller support.
  • Improved photo mode.
  • New playable ships.
  • New weapons
  • Wave mode.
  • New skills.
  • Reassembly chamber.
  • Color blind support.
  • New objects.
  • Implementing crew medals.
  • Improved crafting and salvage system.
  • Improved planet interface.
  • Improved stellar map interface.
  • General balance.
  • Improved optimization.

We want to thank you all for your support during these months. Don't forget to leave a review on Steam if you've liked it, it will help us a lot! 

Original Soundtrack keys sent

We also just sent the Original Soundtrack keys for backers that pledged 25€ or more. You should have received an e-mail from BackerKit with your Steam key. 

Between the Stars keys for backers have been sent!
4 months ago – Wed, May 22, 2019 at 05:08:43 PM

Between the Stars keys for backers have been sent!

The time has come, Captains, to join the ranks of Between the Stars. Anyone with the Captain rank and above will now have an Early Access key!

Early Access will launch on the 28th of May, but we’ve pushed forward the launch of the keys in so we can count on you to help us find any last-minute bugs or issues that may have cropped up. If you find a bug please report it using the in-game system!

Those of you who have access to the OST will receive it in a few weeks, the rest of the backer rewards will be given throughout the Early Access period and prior to the 1.0 launch.

You may join our discord server, where we are very active, here:

If you still don’t have your rank on discord, please join and let us know!

Thank you so much for your support, we hope you all enjoy the game!

Early Access Launch Date May 28th
4 months ago – Sun, May 12, 2019 at 12:30:42 AM

We’re proud to announce that Between the Stars finally has a launch date. The 28th of May, just a few short weeks away! This marks the culmination of almost 4 years of work and we’re truly humbled by the onset of support we’ve seen since our Kickstarter in 2018.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to announce that we will be available on Steam and GOG as soon as we release on the 28th, so you’ll be able to purchase from your preferred platform! 

Main changes in the new version of the demo

  • General performance upgrades.
  • Loading time has been reduced considerably.
  • Build size has been reduced.
  • We've added the new loot system (no more loot boxes).
  • Checkpoint save feature in the demo.
  • We have also included countless bug fixes and upgrades to the graphics and gameplay that come with the base game.

Beta keys sent!
5 months ago – Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 02:28:32 AM

After many months of hard work, we’ve finally sent out the keys for Early Access beta. Please watch your Inbox in your e-mail in which you’ll receive your code to place in Steam (everything after the early bird commander tier).

This beta is an early access version of the same version that will be launched at the end of May. As such, there’s still polish and content implementation work to be done, and we will be updating throughout the upcoming four weeks. 

Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and as such there will be bugs, issues, missing voices and other niggles. We will be hard at work during the next month to ensure that all of these factors are more than taken care of by our EA launch date.

Any bugs, errors, grammar mistakes you may find should be reported to us directly using the in-game bug report button. It will be of great help to us to be able to count on your support, every little bit makes a difference!

This version of the game currently has the Prologue chapter, as well as the first three chapters in the overarching story (alongside a lot of side events), but our end-goal is to add the two final chapters, as well as many more weapons and secondary events to the game after the Early Access launch.

Game modes and news
6 months ago – Thu, Mar 07, 2019 at 01:29:35 AM

News from the latest Alpha update

Backers with access to the Alpha (those who paid 100€ or more) can now play the second chapter in the main storyline.

We have also added a character editor as a new feature. The editor lets you create a captain of your choosing. Shape their look any way you like, change their name, background and even special attributes.

Right now we are adding new events and main missions to the game and in a few weeks we will work on important features such as controls, performance issues, camera etc… 

Game modes and salvage pods

One of the most asked questions we have received is about the stash system on the stations and the salvage pods. We’d like to clear up that salvage pods are completely free. Between the Stars will not have any form of in game purchases.

-Salvage Pods are rewards obtained when sacking a destroyed enemy ship, or purchasing it in certain space stations. In them we will find weapons, systems, materials, money… A juicy bit of loot that you’ll want to open immediately. These boxes can also be stashed away on stations so you can open them further along on other play throughs.

-Space station stashes will allow you to store these boxes in order to recover them on other playthroughs after your death. This will let captains to supply themselves prior to a new battle. Every time your captain dies you will have a series of penalty’s depending on your chosen method of play.

-Normal Mode: Your captain’s death penalizes you.
 You will appear in your previous save point, with your captain and crew intact (if they were still alive at this point). Nonetheless, you will lose all weapons and objects in your inventory (keeping items coupled to your ship). In this moment a thrifty captain will have access to loot boxes that he had stored up for himself previously in his stash to be able to stock up and continue on the adventure.

-Hard mode: Death is the end.
 Your captain’s death is the end of the game, but not the end of the game. In the next playthrough you’ll have access to your blueprints, unlocked ships, and salvage pods that you had stashed away on the station when you start fresh.